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Bahamas Trip


Here is a list of the things we touched on last week at our meeting at scouts.



3 pairs of shorts
1 pair of long pants
1 long sleeve shirt
4 T-shirts
2 bathing suits
1 set of good clothes (casual)
Underwear/socks (optional)
1 pair sneakers or deck shoes
1 set of cheap foul weather gear (pants and jacket)
1 pair work clothes
1 flashlight
Insect repellent
sheets, and pillow
2 towels
Liquid soap/shampoo (no bar soap)
Triptone, Dramamine or Bonine (sea sickness meds) sickness  meds.)                                                       

Personal snorkeling gear if you have it. There is a limited supply on the boat.
Underwater disposable camera (optional)
For Sun Protection
Sunglasses (polarized) with neck strap
Hat (with string)

Sunscreen- aerosol and oil DO NOT provide sufficient protection. The crew uses SPF 30 or 45 all over (everyday).  

Also glass containers do not work well on the boat.



In case of an emergency call 1-800-683-8687. Messages are checked daily by someone who knows the most effective way to contact the boat that day.  .  Beacon Won is the name of the boat that we will be on.



 Flight to Nassau, Sat. June 24,  2017  Flight AA893, flight departs at 9:35 AM 

BE AT THE GATE BY 7:00 AM!!  We need to be checked in 2 hours before flight time.  I will be at the drop off on the departure deck, about midway down at the American Airlines check-in.  Look for the Troop.


Flight to Charlotte, Sat. July 1, 2017 Flight AA852, flight scheduled to arrive in Charlotte at 3:21 PM, flight leaves Nassau at 12:55.  I suggest you park in the cellphone lot and wait for us to call after we land.  Please be patient, as we may have to go through customs and that can be quick or lengthy depending on the lines.


Flightview is a good app to follow the plane for up to date info.

Flight Tracker and Flightaware are also app that you can use to follow the plane in and out of Nassau and see delays that may occur.

Make sure you check your backpack and remove knifes and sharp objects.  It is also recommended that you carry on no liquids (or refer to the official approved quantities list on the TSA website).  We will be checking a few bags, so if you have any liquids they can be combined into these checked bags.  


If you have any questions, please call me


Gary Smith – (704) 965-6199

New Micro Fiber Activity Shirts

We will be taking orders for a new micro fiber red t-shirts this Monday night. These shirts will be identical to the cotton shirts we offer today, except they are made from a cooler lighter micro fiber. All orders received on Monday will be produced and available before the Bahamas trip and Summer Camp. The available sizes are from men’s small to 3XL at a cost of $12 each. We will also continue to offer the cotton shirts at a price of $9 each. If you are not going to be at the meeting Monday night and want to order the cotton or micro fiber shirts, please e-mail me what you want. The order must be placed on Tuesday to ensure we get them back in time for our summer events.

If you have any questions please let Mr. Joe know.


Joe (704)449-2333

Boston Butt Fundraiser Overview

The Boston Butt Fundraiser was an amazing success. We smoked and sold 136 butts and raised over $3,000 for the Scouts and Troop. Good job to the Leaders and Scouts that worked.

Court of Honor

The next Court of Honor is scheduled for Monday March 27th, starting at 7:00 PM at the Scout Hut. Scouts will be awarded Merit Badges and Rank Advancements earned the past 6 months. Scouts are asked to bring finger food to share and Leaders will provide beverages. Scouts, please remember to wear your Merit Badge Sash. Also, family and friends are encouraged to attend.

Jack Boggs Eagle Ceremony

To all scouts and leaders please come to Jack Boggs Eagle Ceremony on Saturday, January 7, 2017. The Ceremony will be held at Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church on highway 160 across from Lowes. For the Reception Following the Ceremony please RSVP to or call 803-493-2970 by December 30, 2016. All scouts and leaders need to be in full uniform with merit badge sash.

Boggs Invitation

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