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Lost Sea Adventure

This weekend, me and 11 other boys went on a campout to Tennessee’s Craighead Cavern, which is a registered national landmark. After a 5 hour drive we arrived to the Lost Sea Adventure where we hiked a small distance in order to get to the natural cave entrance, within which we had to go down 132 carved out stairs.

Going down the stairs.

Once we got down the stairs we entered the main area where we would be camping, which had three layers with small height differences. Then we went on a tour and learned about the cave. One of the things we learned is that it is one of the 3 caves in the U.S.A. to have anthodite formations, also known as cave flowers.


We then went on a boat ride through the underground lake. While on the boat we learned that the rainbow trout in the lake weren’t there when the lake was first discovered because they can’t reproduce due to the absence of flowing water, so the staff have to restock the fish in the lake about every 2-3 years.

The boat.

After the tour was done we proceeded to the crawls, everyone had to do the easiest 3, and only about half of the troop did all 4 hard crawls afterwards.

Carson at the end of a crawl.

On our way to the cave we visited the world largest knife store, Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Almost everyone was able to get something there, from simple pocket knives to katanas.

An example of swords that were once for sale.

All in all, the cave rocked! Everyone had a great time and it was fun to learn about the cave’s history.

For more photos visit our Facebook.

Camp Raven Knob

To all Scouts going to CRK

We will meet at the Scout Hut this Sunday (July 9th) at 9:30 AM to leave for camp. Please be in your field uniform, tan shirt, scout pants, belt and socks for the trip. We will return on Saturday (July 16th) around noon, depending on how fast we can get checked out that morning.

I have attached a list of what to pack, contact information, family night and tips for the week.

All medication being taken to camp must be in a ziplock bag marked with the Scouts name and an instruction sheet included in the bag. Parents need to bring the medication bags into the Scout Hut Saturday morning and review the instruction with me to ensure I don’t have any questions.

If you still have forms that need to be turned in please bring them into the Scout Hut so they can be reviewed and maked as completed.

If you have any questions, please let me know


Joe (704)449-2333

What to Bring

Complete Scout uniform, to be worn on the trips up and back, evening meal and call campfires


Shorts or long pants

Swim trunks

Swim shoes (required for almost all lake front activities)



Insect repellent

Footwear for Boating

Hat if desired

Sweater or jacket

Extra shoes or boots

Poncho or rain gear

Notebook and pencil or pen

Scout Handbook

Merit badge pamphlets (of you have them)

Watch (very important)

Washcloth and towel

Toiletry items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. No glass bottles)

Flashlight with extra batteries

Sleeping bag or sheets & blankets


Footlocker or suitcase or backpack

Laundry bag

Hand sanitizer

Water bottle (important)



Fishing rod and tackle box

Alarm clock

Disc golf disc



What Not to Bring to Camp

Personal rifles or other firearms, ammunition, and bows, including paintball guns

Sheath knives with blades longer than 4”

No pets at anytime

Open toed shoes are not allowed at anytime

Finally, we strongly recommend that items such as radios, music players, electronic games, and other electronic devices not be brought to camp. Summer camp is an outdoor experience, and these items are not appropriate to that experience.

Camp Raven Knob is not responsible for personal or Unit items that are damaged, lost or stolen.



Have Scouts bring a footlocker or locking suitcase and provide an extra key for the unit leader. That way, if one key is lost, the spare one will be stored safely. With the heat and humidity of June and July, it would be advisable to have a change of clothing for each day of the week.

Cell phones for Scouts are not necessary.  Considering that there are no provisions to charge them and that reception is weak at best, Scouts are advised to leave them at home.



Scouts may receive mail at camp.

Please send mail addressed as follows:

Scout Name

Unit Number

Camp Raven Knob

266 Raven Knob Road

Mount Airy, NC 27030


Please be sure to include the Scout’s unit number on all mail; this will make sure it is routed to the proper mailbox. Also include a return address in case a letter arrives at camp after the Scout has left. Mail service is dependable, but it is recommended that  mail not be sent to camp later than the Wednesday while the unit is at camp. Mail can take from two to four days to reach camp. Any letters or packages that contain currency or valuables should be insured. USPS, UPS, and FedEX all deliver to camp.


Should someone at camp need to be contacted, the camp telephone number is (336) 352-4307. This phone is located in the camp office, and is manned from 8:30a.m. until 8:00p.m., with the exception of meals and campfires. There may be a staff member in the office in the evening or at other times as well. Please note, however, that this is the camp’s business phone and parents will not be able to talk to their children. The staff

member will take a message and deliver it to the unit mailbox. Of course, emergency messages, will be delivered as soon as possible.


Internet Messaging and E-mail Scouts are able to receive messages while at camp. Messages may be sent to Scouts through the camp’s website ( Enter the unit Number, Scout name, and message in the form provided. All messages will be printed and delivered to the unit mailboxes with regular mail and messages.


Visitors’ Night


Visitors’ Night at camp is Wednesday evening.  Dinner will not be provided in the mess hall, so the Troop will order a meal to be delivered to our campsite.  If you are attending visitor’s night and wish to eat with the Troop, please let us know Sunday before we leave, as we need to know how much food to order.  Last year is was a fried chicken dinner at $10.00 per guest.  Parents may wish to bring a picnic supper to enjoy with their son and friends.


The highlight of the evening’s activities is the campfire program and the Order of the Arrow ceremony. Visitors should not plan to arrive at Raven Knob before 5:30p.m., as Scouts will be involved in sessions until then, and will need time to take a shower and change clothes. The ceremony will last until approximately 9:30p.m., so visitors should plan to leave shortly after that so Scouts and leaders can get a good night’s sleep. Vehicles are allowed into camp on Wednesday evenings. Please note that the camp wide speed limit is 5 mph. In addition, the road between the Trading Post and the Order of the Arrow arena is closed to vehicle traffic from 7:00p.m. until after the Order of the Arrow ceremony, so please plan accordingly.

Bahamas Trip


Here is a list of the things we touched on last week at our meeting at scouts.



3 pairs of shorts
1 pair of long pants
1 long sleeve shirt
4 T-shirts
2 bathing suits
1 set of good clothes (casual)
Underwear/socks (optional)
1 pair sneakers or deck shoes
1 set of cheap foul weather gear (pants and jacket)
1 pair work clothes
1 flashlight
Insect repellent
sheets, and pillow
2 towels
Liquid soap/shampoo (no bar soap)
Triptone, Dramamine or Bonine (sea sickness meds) sickness  meds.)                                                       

Personal snorkeling gear if you have it. There is a limited supply on the boat.
Underwater disposable camera (optional)
For Sun Protection
Sunglasses (polarized) with neck strap
Hat (with string)

Sunscreen- aerosol and oil DO NOT provide sufficient protection. The crew uses SPF 30 or 45 all over (everyday).  

Also glass containers do not work well on the boat.



In case of an emergency call 1-800-683-8687. Messages are checked daily by someone who knows the most effective way to contact the boat that day.  .  Beacon Won is the name of the boat that we will be on.



 Flight to Nassau, Sat. June 24,  2017  Flight AA893, flight departs at 9:35 AM 

BE AT THE GATE BY 7:00 AM!!  We need to be checked in 2 hours before flight time.  I will be at the drop off on the departure deck, about midway down at the American Airlines check-in.  Look for the Troop.


Flight to Charlotte, Sat. July 1, 2017 Flight AA852, flight scheduled to arrive in Charlotte at 3:21 PM, flight leaves Nassau at 12:55.  I suggest you park in the cellphone lot and wait for us to call after we land.  Please be patient, as we may have to go through customs and that can be quick or lengthy depending on the lines.


Flightview is a good app to follow the plane for up to date info.

Flight Tracker and Flightaware are also app that you can use to follow the plane in and out of Nassau and see delays that may occur.

Make sure you check your backpack and remove knifes and sharp objects.  It is also recommended that you carry on no liquids (or refer to the official approved quantities list on the TSA website).  We will be checking a few bags, so if you have any liquids they can be combined into these checked bags.  


If you have any questions, please call me


Gary Smith – (704) 965-6199

Spring Camporee

Leaving Friday April 21st from the Scout Hut at 5:00 PM and returning Sunday late morning. The event details will be covered at tonight’s meeting and if you have not paid the cost is $25 per Scout. Please make checks out to Troop 275.

If you have any questions, see Mr. Joe tonight or call him at (704)449-2333

Crossover Campout Recap

The Crossover Campout was March 17-19. We left from the Scout Hut at 5:00 to go to Mr. Jamie Laneys father’s property. On Saturday we started with breakfast and then we went into a round robin of activities for the Webelos. We started with First Aid and then moved to Ax Yard before lunch. After lunch we split into two group of scouts and leaders. One group went on a five mile hike and the other stayed at camp to teach the Webelos. The classes after Lunch were Knot Tying, Orienteering, and Fire Building. When everyone was back at camp we had a pig for dinner and after that we had a large bond fire. Six boys crossed over at the ceremony after the camp out. It was a very fun and enjoyable camp out.

Winterplace Snow Tubing

Winterplace Snow Tubing, February 11th and 12th Cost is $70 which includes transportation, admission for tubing, overnight accommodations and breakfast. Spending money will be needed for lunch and dinner. We will be sleeping at the Lodge on air mattresses provided by Winterplace. We leave at 10:30 AM on Saturday and will be back around Noon on Sunday. This is a family event, so immediate family members are welcome to participate, but please note that you must be 44” tall to ride the tubes. Last chance to sing-up is tonight, Monday January 16th. Please make your check out to Troop 275.

Bahamas Trip Update

It’s mid-January and our high adventure trip is about 6 months away. Per the payment schedule, you were to have $900 paid toward the trip by year end. We need to have everyone paid up in full by the end of April. We have already purchased the Airline tickets and will make the final payment to the boat in April.

Please check to make sure you are up to date with the payments, thank you for your attention to this matter.

We will have a meeting soon to discuss any questions you may have and just give you helpful information.

Remember, passports are required for this trip. If applying for passport for the first time it can take many months to get one, so do not wait to start the process.

All popcorn sales commissions have been added to your Scout Account and you will have one more opportunity to earn money with the Boston Butt sale in April at Easter.

If you have any questions, please let me know

Gary Smith (803)548-4307

All Scouts going to summer camp

This is a lengthy e-mail that includes the following:

  • Departure and return dates and times
  • Suggested packing list and what not to bring
  • Parent or guardian release form (must be completed prior to departure)
  • Prescriptions and over the counter drugs
  • Any remaining balances
  • Who still needs an updated Medical Form completed
  • List of Scouts and Leaders confirmed for camp
  • Visitors night
  • Emergency Contact Information


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