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Monday 5/9 Meeting Information

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a fantastic time at the Fishing Rodeo yesterday. The boys caught about 15 catfish in total. Definitely something we can look forward to doing again.

Tomorrow we are going over rank advancements. We will be particularly looking at group of Scouts with alike unfinished requirements and focus on teaching them and helping them thru it.

Lets look ahead at what is coming up:
– Next Saturday is our first ever Sun City Scouting for Food drive. I am 3 Scouts short of volunteers, so I’ll be looking for a few more names tomorrow. This will only run from around 8am to 2pm and the Scouts will be split into 2 shifts. More details to come.
– May 20th thru 22nd is the OA Spring Fellowship (this is for eligible Scouts ONLY). If you have not done so, register here:
– Forms needed for summer camp went out to all attendees, please work on providing me with that by June 13th.
– Daniel Boone is continuing with their 22 week online merit badge program which you’re welcome to participate in. This week, they’re opening registration for week 20 in which they will be offering the Search & Rescue and Traffic Safety merit badges. Visit their site to see other opportunities and register.

To close let me just say this, our Troop is incredibly fortunate to have one of the largest leadership teams I have seen across our council/district. Within that leadership team are 2 very special female leaders whom are hard working dedicated mothers that add a much needed degree of warmth, comfort, and guidance to our Troop.

So to Vicky, Anne, and the rest of the mothers out there (on behalf of the Troop) let me just say THANK YOU for all that you do and have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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