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Spring Camporee was FUN!

Spring Camporee for those who don’t know, is a spring camp created by our council, and he play fun games as well as take merit badge classes. During the weekend the boys cooked in patrols and everyone in the patrol got to cook or clean, this is also to teach the new scouts skills, as this is their first campout after Crossover. There was many games like a tripod lashing race and a fire building race. There was also an OA Ceremony, which is where scouts who are First Class or higher, can get voted by their troop if they want to be in OA or Order of the Arrow. Our troop didn’t participate in the ceremony however, we will be doing it at Summer Camp. Sunday we had a Church Service (*Note: Boy Scouts is not a specific religion, it is all religions and none at the same time), and the campout was very fun experience!

There is a ribbon for 2nd place in tripod lashings.

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