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Grandfather Mountain Trip Update From Claude Sinclair

I explained in an earlier e-mail that I was heading out at 6:00 AM on
Friday, June the 9th to secure two campsites.  Personally I will be carrying
the Maggio brothers, Gabe Bobo, and Matt Collins.  Jamie Laney can also
leave at 6 AM and can carry 5 people.  I will miss all of June meetings due
to me working at Camp Bob Hardin and teaching CPR on Mondays.  So all my
contacts will be by e-mail.   Scott Huggins will be transporting his 4
Scouts and that leaves Jim Lynch for everyone else.  Right now I need 5
names that can leave at 6 AM and ride with Jamie.   Also I need to know who
is hammock sleeping so that they are not assigned to a tent only site.
Jim, can you leave at noon and transport Mike, Cooper, and Landon if he is
going?  The trail head is easy and I will be at the Redneck Treasure Hunt
this weekend.   Scott, what time are you leaving?    Just trying to
coordinate the weekend. BTW, I had a reason to limit the number to 12 but
since we have 15, we will make it work.   I hate saying no and denying
someone an experience of their lifetime and it will be just that.

Claude Sinclair


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