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Congratulations to Trevor Lynch and Luke Shannon for Achieving Eagle Scout!

June 19th, Trevor Lynch and Luke Shannon had an Eagle Ceremony, a ceremony were you are given the rank of Eagle after fulfilling all the requirements for Eagle Scout. These two scouts have put in so much hard work over the past years to get to this point and we should all appreciate the hard and awesome work they did! The ceremony was held at Andrew Jackson State Park, located past the Van Wyck Elementary School. Thank you to everyone that went as it truly shows support to these amazing Eagle Scouts. Once again, congratulations to Luke and Trevor for achieving the rank of Eagle!

Trevor and Luke standing next to the flags.
Trevor and Luke standing with a member of the American Legion Post 250.
Eagle Scouts reciting the Eagle Scout Oath.
Eagle Scouts reciting the Eagle Scout Oath.
Everyone who attended.
Trevor his mentor pin to his father.
Luke and his father.
Luke with Eagle Scout James, and Assistant Scoutmasters Mrs. Vicky, and Mrs. Natalie

Roadside Clean-Up was Successful as usual!

June 5th, our troop cleaned 521 highway again to show our support and service to the community. If those who don’t know what Roadside Clean-Up is, it is when our troop goes to clean up the road. Our portion is from the Faith Presbyterian Church (its after the Harris Teeter) to Walnut Creek. For those who attended you earn 4 service hours, which are need for all ranks above Scout. Thank you everyone who went as it was a massive success!

We Honor our Veterans for Memorial Day

May 15, 5 scouts went to the graveyard across Belair United Methodist Church to place flags on the graves of our fallen veterans. Please as you are reading this, take a moment of silence for the veterans and others around the world and remember them on Memorial Day.

Congratulations to the Scouts who Completed S.E.A.L.S!

Last Weekend (5/22/21-5/23/21), two scouts, Jackson Hillard and Ivan Mercado, completed the S.E.A.L.S. training course. For those who don’t know what S.E.A.L.S. is, it stands for Scouts Excited About Leadership Skills, which teaches scouts basic leadership skills as well as how to lead a group, and to effectively communicate with others. As part of this course, scouts must create a contract that will improve their troop. As a reward for completing their contract, scouts permanently get to wear a strip on their uniform that says S.E.A.L.S. Again, congratulations to Jackson and Ivan for passing the S.E.A.L.S. course.

Drew’s Eagle Scout Project is Awesome!

Last weekend (5/22/21), Drew Reinert made a deck in the back of the scout hut with a some of the leaders and scouts. The deck is a huge upgrade from what was originally there, a small staircase. Congratulations to Drew on his amazing project!


Congratulations to Scoutmaster and Cubmaster of the Year!

May 13th, former Scoutmaster Joe LaFollette and current cubmaster Jeff Phillips were both awarded scoutmaster and cubmaster of the year for the Palmetto Council’s York District. This was awarded at the monthly leaders’ meeting. Huge congratulations to Joe LaFollette and Jeff Phillips on their great accomplishment! We are all very proud of you!

Spring Camporee was FUN!

Spring Camporee for those who don’t know, is a spring camp created by our council, and he play fun games as well as take merit badge classes. During the weekend the boys cooked in patrols and everyone in the patrol got to cook or clean, this is also to teach the new scouts skills, as this is their first campout after Crossover. There was many games like a tripod lashing race and a fire building race. There was also an OA Ceremony, which is where scouts who are First Class or higher, can get voted by their troop if they want to be in OA or Order of the Arrow. Our troop didn’t participate in the ceremony however, we will be doing it at Summer Camp. Sunday we had a Church Service (*Note: Boy Scouts is not a specific religion, it is all religions and none at the same time), and the campout was very fun experience!

There is a ribbon for 2nd place in tripod lashings.

The Pork Butts Came out GREAT!

Last weekend, we cooked 130 pork butts over the course of 14 hours. We prepared the butts with some pork butt rub, and then putt them in the cookers. Every scout participated in one shift overnight that lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes. The shift is to shovel coals into the cookers so the cookers are fueled while there cooking. We sold the pork butts from 9 to 12 and all 130 pork butts were sold (there very delicious).

Seasoning the Butts
Butts Cooking
The wood turning into coals
Coals being shoveled
Bagging the Butts

Roadside Clean-Up March 6th

March 6th, our troop cleaned the portion of 521 highway from Walnut Creek to a church near Harris Teeter. We also filled up, 54 total trash bags on the highway! We cleaned up for about 3 hours and a large margin of the highway looked cleaner than it was before. We do the same portion of the road every time, so the newer scouts will get familiar with this portion of the highway, and in about 3 months the new scouts will help us with the clean-up! Coming to these service projects gives scouts 3 to 4 service hours needed to rank-up and it helps the environment looking cleaner. We do 4 roadside clean-ups a year, so make sure to come the next one to help out!

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